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  1. Model can achieve various gastric lavage postures: supine position, left-lateral position, sitting position.
  2. Precise anatomical structure, including nasal cavity, oral cavity, teeth, tongue, uvula, reply, vocal cord, trachea, bronchi, lungs,esophagus, stomach, liver, diahragmatic muscle, duodenum, colon, etc.
  3. Though the transparent shell, students can observe the internal anatomical structure and the entire operation process clearly.
  4. After finishing oeration, the residual liquid in digestive tract can be easily discharged.
  5. Gastric lavage via nasal or oral cavity.
  6. Gastrointerstinal decompression, gastric juice collection operation, duodenal drainage, double balloon and triple cavity compression operation
  7. Nasal feeding, oxygen inhalation, oral cavity care, sputum suction via nasal or oral cavity
  8. Pupil instruction: miosis demonstrates organic demonstrates organic hosphorus poisoning 

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