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Implement standard : the 2010 AHA (American Heart Association) Guidelines for CPR and ECC


  1. Upper limb joints are movable
  2. Simulate standard airway opening and sound prompting
  3. External chest compression:indicator light display. counter display and sound promting - Indicator light dispaly of correct and incorrect compression position: counter display: sound prompting of incorrect compression - Display of correct (at least 5 cm) and wrong (less than 5 cm) compression intensity: digital stri, indicator light (yellow, green) shows compression deth; counter display: sound romting of incorrect operation
  4. Artificial respiration (inhalation) indicator light dispaly, counter display and sond prompting: -inhalation is < 500 ml/600ml 1000ml<strip indicator light shows inhalation volume; counter display of correct and incorrect operations, and sound prompting of incorrect operation.- Inhalation too quickly or too much result in air entering into stomach; indicator light display; digital counter display: sound prompting.  - Ration of compression and artifical respiration: 30:2 (one or two person)  - Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of compression and artificial respiration at a ration of 30:2.
  5. Operation frequency : at least 100 times per minute 
  6. Operation methods : exercise operation; examination operation;
  7. Operation time: count-down device 
  8. Sound prompting device: volume control ; turning on or off sound prompting device.
  9. Result printing
  10. Vital signs simulation: in the initial states, simulate pupils dilation and no carotid artery pulse; during compression, carotid artery is passively pulsated; after succesful rescue, pupils restore normal, carotid artery ulse spontaneously.
  11. Power Supply: 220V AC   

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