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AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR l Duly Automatic Electronic PLC (Microprocessor) control for processing of tissue sample. l Capacity of more than fifty cassettes simultaneous processing. l 10 regent containers, 2 bath with heating elements on board and basket rotors. l PLC (Microprocessor) based programmable immersion hold time during each step. l Programmable agiation rotation within reagent container. l Programmable wax bath temperature control with alarms for temperatures beyond set limits. l Programmable Delay Action of 1 hour to 99 hours. Standard Accessories Supplied with Instruments :- l 2 Stainless Steel Wax Bath. l 2 Stainless Steel Baskets. l 60 Tissue Containers (Cassettes). l 1 or 2 Stainless Steel Basket Rotors ( as per customer's requirements). l 10 without lip Glass Beakers (1 Ltr. or 2 Ltr.)

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