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Digital Automatic Rotary Microtome

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Model SMT-2020-MR
Brand Weswox
Fine Thickness Range 0.5 um-100 um
Retraction Adjustable or 5-100 um Max
Specimen Size 50x50 mm
Operation Semi-automatic
Nominal Voltage 220V, 50Hz/110V, 60Hz
Minimum Setting Value 0.5um
Horizontal Object Feed 28 mm Feed Motion Via Stepper Motor
Vertical Stroke 70 mm
Specimen Orientation X and Y Axis Universal 8 Degree
Specimen Orientation Z Axis Upto 360 Degree
Sectioning Speed Adjustable or 300um/s & 900 um/s

Multi-purpose microtome for sectioning paraffin, semi, thin and hard specimens. Vertical and horizontal maintenance free cross roller bearing mechanism to ensure accurate reproducibility of section thickness. Sectioning/Trimming Mode of cutting. Universal Blade holder common for high profile & low profile disposable blades & with bar guide-way technology to avoid accumulation of the waster on the blade holder. Two motorized forward and backward specimen coarse feed speeds. Intuitive control panel with Section Counter/Section thickness/ section thickness totalizer display. Lateral knife adjustment to ensure that the entire width of the blade is used without releasing the blade clamping mechanism. Large storage capacity on the top of the instrument for easy access of tools. Finger protection guard to protect the used from any injuries caused due to blade. Ergonomically optimized Lockable handwheel at any position for user safety with patented adjustable hand wheel balance. Robust and stable base plate for maximum stability to the microtome. Cutting stroke manual by hand wheel. Retraction in return stroke, can be deactivated when not required. Safety alarm system indicating the end positions. One hand operated standard specimen holder and magnetized section waste Tray. Precision stepper motor and a micro step drive to ensure accurate specimen forward & backward. Should have selection between Continuous and step feeding in sectioning mode. Should have rocking mode No need to co-ordinate hand wheel up and down movement and simultaneously pressing coarse feed buttons. Ruler on microtome base Ruler helps to find ideal knife holder position for different mold sizes and Use together with object exchange in home position. Precision specimen orientation with zero point reference.

Setting Values

  • 0.5um-5um in 0.5um increments.
  • 1um-20um in 1um increments.
  • 5um-20um in 1 um increments
  • 20um-60um in 5um increments
  • 60um-100um in 10um increments

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