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Instant Glue for Repairs (Broken Bike Indicator)

Product Code : BPL2

$ 12 QTY. 1 Pair

Condition New

Product Description

Features Instant Joint,Good Strength
Surface Of Application Glass, Plastic, Ceramic
Grade Standard Cyanoacylate Glue
Brand Polyfix Super Glue
Color Transparent
Usage/Application Glass
Packaging Type Super Glue
Form Liquid



POLYFIX Instant Gel Glue cyanoacrylate adhesive & POLYFIX Spray Activator successfully launched by Benson Polymers, are very different from the other adhesives available in the market. The accelerated strong bond achieved by our products is unmatchable.

This video shows you how to fasten a jagged & rough piece of broken bike indicator.

Directions for usage:

·      Clean the bike indicator & the surface on which it is to be pasted. For better results, the area should be dust-free

·      Apply a coat of POLYFIX instant gel glue on the broken part & spray the POLYFIX activator.

·      Put the broken piece on its place & hold tightly for a few moments

·      Within no time, the part will be joined without leaving any traces of being broken before.

Storage: Under 20 degrees

Shelf Life:  According to grade & application

Safety Measures

·        Read the instructions before use

·        Always wear gloves for protection

·        Keep away from eyes & out of children’s reach

·        Always close the lid firmly after use, otherwise the quality may get compromised due to moisture in the air.

·        If the glue sticks to your hands, remove it with the help of acetone/ warm water.

·        Do not panic in case of an accident, rush to a doctor

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