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PVC Plastic Sheet

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PC Lite is the brand name for MG Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets. PC Lite is designed to resist impact and are far better than conventional glass and other acrylic material. PC Lite is a light, strong, insulating and attractive sheet for use as roofing, cladding,
glazing and other applications in construction, advertising, agriculture, industry and DIY. A lot can be saved on energy cost by using this on windows, walkway or overhead bridge. Besides, they are ideal for solar reflectivity and roofing for hot climate. PC Lite Multiwall Sheets can also be used in canopies, shopping malls, car parking’s and walkways. These sheets are easy to handle and install, virtually unbreakable and can resist extreme weather

Insulation against heat and cold is one of the most important properties. PC Lite has a long working life and carries a 10 year warranty against yellowing. Some of the major properties of multi wall polycarbonate sheet include unbreakable, superior impact strength, 90% light transmission, self extinguishing and TAC approved, light in weight and easy to install. We also manufacture tailored lengths in order to minimize waste of the sheets.


  • High impact resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • High heat and sound insulation
  • Long life span
  • Excellent light transmission up to 88 % (10 mm)
  • Large dimensions
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Transparent
  • UV protection: Co-Extruded 1 Side & 2 Sides
  • 10 Year Warranty Limited
  • Temperature resistant: between -40°C +130°C
  • High resistance to mechanical loading
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to install using ordinary tools
  • Superb thermal insulation – saves energy
  • Applications

    • Commercial and retail roofing
    • Sport facilities – translucent roofing
    • Covered walkways, awnings and entrances
    • Open markets – light roofing
    • Service stations – translucent roofing
    • Parking structure covering
    • Swimming pool covers

    Standard Colors: Clear, Bronze, Opal, Lake Blue and Green.
    Standard widths: 1220mm – 2100 mm
    Standard lengths: 2400mmm, 5800mm & 11800mm
    Available thicknesses: 4-6-8-10-16 mm<
    Special thicknesses, Colours and Lengths can be produced to special order, subject to special conditions.

  • Architectural roofing and glazing

  • Installation of PC Lite Multiwall Sheets:

    • When used for roofing it is crucial that the roof has a minimum
      slope of 2.5°.
    • When using glazing bars and covering trims, mechanical
      fixings are not required, though strongly recommend in areas
      with high wind speeds.
    • DRILLING: Use only new or sharply ground steel or carbide tipped drills. All holes must be drilled at least 40mm from the edge of sheet.

    Pre-Installation Sealing:

    • After cutting and cleaning the sheet, tape off the top of the
      panel with a non-vented tape and the bottom with a vented
      tape, to prevent contaminants and moisture entering the
    • Usually a finishing trim in the style of a ‘U’ profile is used to
      cover the vented tape.
    • Do not remove the protective tape before cutting or

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